The new k100 model is revolutionary in several ways 

In a mimimum size cabinet  it delivers
absolutely stunning musical performance.

The bulletshape design, based on LINK's own B600 topmodel, introduced in 1991, is a hightech multilayered CNC construction of Finish birchwood. .
The shape allows a uniform dispersion
of the music at the outside and suppressing standing waves at the inside of the cabinet.
Music performers and their instruments seem to move freely around, between and behind the speakers. 

The variable thickness of the construction of the elements suppress every possible resonance within the cabinet but also in the wall itself. 

Loudspeakers are not music instruments but reproducers of recorded music. In this aspect they shouldn't emit any sound of their own except for the musical input. Only the cones of the loudspeakers units should bring the air into movement, not the cabinet. 

The K100 draws you into the musical performance with a precision similar to the best available
regardless of size ŕnd price. 

The price/quality ration is nothing short
of truly exceptional beating easily speakers costing a tenfold or far more..

Technical specs

Bassmidunit with airdried paper/carbon woofer
Alu/magnesium dome with ferrofluiddamping
Pure phase Pure Pulse Control filter
Cabinet construction  Mulitilayered Finnish birch of high density 
with variable wall thickness
 Finish  :matt clear varnish environmental friendly on water base.
Power capability  : 80 watt r.m.s.
Frequency/amplitude response : 35 -22000 hz - 5 db
Impedance : 6 Ohm  
Sensitivity : 86 dB/1 watt/1 meter
maximum sound pressure 1 meter = 106 dB
Dimensions : H 310 mm D 400 mm B 220 (max)
Weight : 28 pounds (12 kg)

stands in option


User Comments

Jan Vandenborre , Gent 

founder off van 

I've already listened to a variety of musical pieces (Bach, Jarret, JL Hooker, Talking Heads, Nina Simone,....) and my first reaction is primarly a rediscovery of those fragments.. It is as having a new pair of 'ears'  Not only do I rediscover all those things but notices also that is finally worth of taking your time for listening to it...
Immediatelly I could make abstraction of the physical speaker and concentrate on the music itselves.
This is definitively what I was looking for !

O, yes, my wive agrees with this (not unimportant!) ;-)



Rudi Vermeulen , Sint-Amands

(Drummer Moonfire,
 www.myspace.com/moonfirebelgium )

I'm listening now for several weeks to the newly installed LINK K100's and am enjoying them immensly.
It has been difficult search to find a worthy replacement for my active ATC SCM50 asl who became to big for my living room.
The LINK k100's are at least as transparent and dynamic, but excell in a far broader and deeper soundstage reproduction .
They are far more easy to install.

I am a very satisfied melomane.

Keep on the good work !

Pierre Jolie ,  Destelbergen
<<It is so true to life ! You hear everything ! They reproduce everything correctly as recorded. You clearly hear the difference in quality between recordings. Each instrument is clearly separated and you hear things you never heard before. The dynamics are impressive! The percussion in symphonic works is phenomenal, true to life en powerfull. One has the tendency to listen as loud as the life experience in the concert hall. Recently my brother in law, a hornist in a famous symphonical orchestra, visited us and played the music as loud as he experienced within the orchestra. Also in other places of the house you get the sensation that real musicians are playing. It is incredible what comes out of these small LINK K100 speakers and one can't imagine if it still can be bettered.>>

Vincent Goris , Leuven

Pianist en Music Programmer Radio Klara (belgian classical radio)

<<Music begins where the word ends>> I don't remember who said this but it is striking how to describe the LINK K100 loudspeaker.
Words fail to describe all the positive features of this speaker and I can only advise you, before everything, to listen to them. One of the positive features I will not retain to the reader : from the first listening on
I noticed the ease of the speaker to not put itself in the foreground but to let the music speak, similar to a musician who sees himself and its instrument as a means to let the music speak. 
Pure class for me and then I did not mention the unbelievable design.


Johan Strypsteen , Leuven

<<The LINK K100 speakers are a true revelation!

From the first minute on they draw your attention.
When we had to finish listening ,with regret, after a listening session of three hours I realized that this was not some sort of cheap trick.
We could have continued for hours to discover music with these transparant speakers. Therir main feature is to bring you in direct contact with the music. "Open", "Fast", "Dynamic" are the keywords. But also precize harmonics.
This is the sort of speaker wich allow you to wander your thaughts over the total event and once or twice to pick out a performer (instrument) varying to your mood or whatever excels.It is  just the way I listen to a live performance. 
Finally (but this could be a result of the setup, a rather close distance 2.85m) but often I got the impression to listen on the prime position that of the conductor or the recording engineer. >>
Wim Joos, Drongen

After your very valuable help in setting up the front of my hifi system, it was finally time to decide on a set of new speakers.
After listening for years to men'sheight speakers I decided to choose for the music.

Since a few weeks I own the LINK K100's. Although I've had already heard the K50 and later the K100 several times in the selection process of the frontend, the did outperform my expectations.

The musicality and neutrality with wich everything is reproduced is really unsurpassed.

The precise positioning of music in 3D space is nothing short of phenomenal. I no longer am listening to woofers of tweeters, but to instruments ,singing,.... music ...
 I would prefr to describe the K100 as a instrument not as a speaker.
The K100 ,an isntrument that succeeds in bringing over the emotion and music of the recording, a gift in wich only very few loudspeakers succeed regardless of the price league.
The reproduction is so precize that you an actually perceive the harmonical content of the instruments.
This is the first time that I've experienced this with a speaker. Such qualities are of true worldclass. As far as i am concerned this sets the target even higher for the competition.


Jo Goossens, Bierbeekossens , Bierbeek

“It is about two years since I started to look for a more than serious upgrade of my music installation. Coming across the LINK K100 about a year ago, I was right away impressed with its clean, transparent and very neutral sound, not to say with the fact that it all came out of such a small instrument. Being quite concerned about making too quick a decision then and especially about how it all would sound at my place, I tested several medium to high end solutions at home. However I always felt that something was missing, either transparency, depth or width of soundstage or a comfortable listening range and I kept coming back and comparing to my first listening experience with the K100. 

Now, in combination with the AA406 power amp and Vortex and Velox cables, I have what I was looking for: pure music. The K100 is amazingly transparent (one forgets that there are speakers in the room) and all what is left are ‘tangible musical instruments’ each with their fine harmonic reverberations, be it flutes, violin, snare drums, bass guitar or synthesizers. I have since rediscovered older recordings and I don’t get tired of listening to them because it sounds all so natural and uncomplicated.

 Finally, a minor issue but fine to have, they blend also nicely with the interior…”


Desmond Van Weddingen

drummer Tom Helsen (www.tomhelsen.be)

It's difficult to add some comment after everything that has been said about this speaker.

I've owned many speakers in the past (Etude rhea,B&W matrix 805, Leak, Phonar P7 edma modified,etc...)

I was never really satisfied en kept searching, untill I've auditioned the K100, the most musical speaker I've ever heard.

I own them now for several months , they are well 'broken' in and the result is breathtaking.
It's really like you're at the live performance. It conveys you into the soul of the music, more is not needed..

There are a few minor points never talked about...
On my previous speakers I didn't hear the fart on a 1968 Chet Baker live recording and maybe I would have liked to have kept it so (;-)

On three occasions I've let my potatoes burn on cause I was nailed down each time walking in the living room and listening to the music.

Lately I havent' been able to get things done cause each spare time I had to make a choice between doing something 'usefull' or listening in my chair to the music, I choose for the K100 !